Friday, October 23, 2009

Bars in CU with NFL Sunday Ticket

There seem to be a lot of searches that wind up here for Bars in Champaign (Urbana) with NFL Sunday ticket.

So, to provide the service... here's some that I know of (along with their pros and cons).


I go to Hooters on Sunday for football. Hooters (and bud) have a promotion now, that if you show up on days that there is pro or college football on, you will get a punch in a card. The 5th punch winds up getting you stuff. The fifth punch is a bud coozie; 10th is 10 wings; 15 is $10 gift card. It goes up to 35 (I believe, don't have mine on me) and then you get a wing parts (something like 100 wings). It's a good value.

Additionally, since I held a fantasy football draft there, I got a coupon pack, that each week has different coupons. Last week was 50 free wings, this week is 20% off food and merchandise. Hooters also has wi-fi, so you can bring in your laptop and watch your fantasy football team lose.

The drawback to Hooters is... there are only 5 directv receivers, so that means only 5 games on. That doesn't make a difference for the afternoon games, but it can limit the noon games. The beer selection isn't that great, but they do have a couple good beers, including freshly tapped Sam Adams winter. The scenery at Hooters isn't bad either.

Billy Barooz.

If we weren't going to Hooters, I'd be going to Billy Barooz. It's on the southwest side of town, in the crossing area. I'm not sure the number of tv's and receivers, but there are several. If you sit at the bar, you can probably talk the bartender into putting your favorite team on. Additionally, in the Sunday morning News Gazette, in the sports section, they are putting coupons in.

Barooz has a better beer selection, and has some of the best nachos that I've ever had. You can order it at the start of the first game, and still take some home at the end of the late game. I believe that BB has wi-fi.

The drawback to BB is lack of tv's. And if you are gonna compare the scenery, Megan beats Aaron.

Buffalo Wild Wings.

BW has NFL sunday ticket. BW has good wings. BW doesn't have great beer. BW has huge tvs and lots of receivers. BW probably has the biggest crowd. I'm unsure of BW's wi-fi.


I believe Tumble Inn has it, but I'm not exactly sure.

According to Abelink Fat City has it.

I don't know about any on campus that have it... but then, I don't go to campus.

Another possibility is Old Chicago. They have a lot of beer, but not a lot of great beer. I guess the pizza is good too. *edit*

Old Chicago

Old Chicago has NFL Sunday Ticket. According to their front door, they also have wi-fi. They also have the best beer selection of any bar in town (110 beers according to the sign over the door) that has the package. They probably have more tv's too.

Bars that DEFINITELY don't have it.

Radio Maria, no tvs.

Blind Pig, no tvs.

7 Saints, has cable.

Crane Alley, has cable.

Blind Pig Brewery, no tvs.

I don't think either of the Jupiters has it, nor High Dive, Cowboy Monkey, or Guidos (I could be wrong about Guidos).

Well, I hope you find a place that has it. If you know of any others, let me know, and I can add to the list.


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